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MICKEY AND THE BEAR Written and Directed by Annabelle Attanasio. A strongwilled Montana teenager navigates a loving but volatile relationship with her veteran father. In a desperate search for independence and her own identity, she risks family, heartbreak, and her standing in the only place she can call home. World Premiere: SXSW 2019.

Review: The Hollywood Reporter

“…a sharp, affecting film that's brimming with darkness and hope, every instant of it vividly alive.” - Sheri Linden, THR

Variety Best Movies of SXSW 2019

Review: Variety

“Mickey and the Bear reps an assured feature debut for Annabelle Attanasio, who wrote and directed this straightforward but skillfully nuanced drama about a troubled father-daughter relationship.”- Dennis Harvey, Variety

IndieWire: 14 Must-See Films at SXSW

“A story about the complicated relationship between family and independence, the film shines a spotlight on two compelling American actors — both on the cusp of stardom in their own ways — and reintroduces us to a third, whose true calling might have been found behind the camera.” - David Ehrlich, IndieWire

International Premiere: Cannes Acid 2019.

Awards: Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature at IFFBoston 2019.

Select Festivals: Maryland Film Festival, Ivy Film Festival, Montclair Film Festival, Nantucket Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival.

Labs and awards: Academy Nicholl Fellowship Semifinalist; IFP No Borders Project Forum & Co-Production Lab; Hamptons International Film Festival Screenwriters' Lab; Winner of the Melissa Mathison Award (HIFF); Women in Film x Blacklist Feature Lab Semi-Finalist; Film Independent Producers Lab; Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition; NYU Gallatin Dean's Award for Summer Research.