In rural Montana, a scrappy, conscientious teenage girl seeks independence from her controlling father, whom she’s taken care of since her mother’s death. Upon finding refuge in a worldly stranger, she must decide whether to remain loyal to her father, or to leave him behind to pursue her own life.

"Mickey" was selected as one of three screenplays to be part of the Hamptons International Film Festival Screenwriters Lab in 2017 (link to press release in Variety). It was also selected as the recipient of the Melissa Mathison Fund, which supports the work of a female filmmaker in the lab. 

It was originally conceived and produced as a play in 2014, and is currently in development as a feature. The Dean's Award for Summer Research allowed Annabelle and a small film crew to travel to Anaconda to conduct ethnographic and visual research for the film. 

| Teaser Trailer from Stage play of "Mickey and the Bear" (2014) |

| Miscellaneous Footage from the Anaconda Research Trip |